-Written by Hope Tremblay

St. Mary’s High School began a new school year Aug. 30, 2021. With 105 students — including 30 ninth graders — the classrooms at the school are filled with learning and laughter.

Principal Matthew Collins, Dean of Student Life Rob LePage and Dean of Academics Luke Hollwedel greeted returning students at the door and welcomed new students to the St. Mary’s family. The entire student body gathered for a morning meeting and met new staff, then spent some time in all of their classes and enjoyed lunch.

Along with Catholic values, faculty members are engaging students in a Classical Education curriculum with a focus on the Great Books. This means classes are language-focused with an approach that teaches students how to learn and think, regardless of a student’s learning style. Classical Education is complete and well-rounded and emphasizes strategic thinking and problem solving, an appreciation for the arts, individual character and confidence building, and a celebration of diversity.

St. Mary’s High School also offers dual-enrollment with Our Lady of the Elms College and a university-style class schedule that allows for deeper learning. On the first day, students had meaningful student-led discussions about their summer reading, with prompts given by teachers of all subjects.

In addition to traditional math, theology and English classes, students this year have classes in personal finance, public speaking, ceramic arts, Latin and more. St. Mary’s also offers a schedule for part-time students who participate in homeschool or other learning options.