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Program of Studies

The St. Mary’s High School academic program requires a student to earn 28 credits in order to graduate. The following are the specific requirements:

Classes of 2024 & 2025

Theology 4 credits*

English 4 credits

History 3 credits (must include: Civics, US I, and US II)

Science 3 credits (must include: Biology, Chemistry)

Math 4 credits (must include: Alg I, Geometry, Alg II)

World Language  2 credits (Spanish, Latin, French)

Fine Arts 1 credit

Electives 7 credits

Total: 28 credits


The Class of 2023 must have 27 credits to graduate. There is no Fine Arts requirement.

The Class of 2022 must have 26 credits to graduate. There is no Fine Arts requirement.

*Theology must be taken every year a student is enrolled at Saint Mary’s or in another Catholic school. If a student transfers from a public or private school, there is no prior theology requirement for graduation.

Marking system is based on 0-100 numerical scale:
60-100 = Passing, credits awarded.
59 and below = Failing, no credit. 

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Program of Studies

Download our entire Program of Studies for the 2021-2022 School Year

Course Selection and Changes
The Dean of Academics will work with students in requesting and scheduling courses. Choosing a course of study should reflect a student’s interest and college/career paths, in addition to meeting graduation requirements. The master schedule is built using student’s course requests. Students choose courses, not teachers or sections. Therefore, changes to course requests at the beginning of the year may not be granted. Any changes must be made within the first week of the semester and approved by the Dean of Academics.