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Student's View

Perspective from our students may be the most valuable of all. 

They’ve walked the halls, taken the courses, participated in activities and events, and have a deep appreciation for what St. Mary’s is truly all about. Here’s what they’ve had to say about their time at St. Mary’s.

Aaron Kielbasa, Class of 2020

Over my career at St. Mary’s I have held many different titles and every single one of them has been an honor. I have been a friend, a president, an athlete, a tutor, an assistant director, a representative, and many other things. But above all else, it was always my greatest privilege to be called a Saint. I was proud to wake up every day and see the people that made school so much fun and to be part of a community of truly wonderful people. I will forever be thankful for the teachers who always put in the extra mile to get me to succeed and the students who were always so ready to welcome a new student or lend a helping hand. These put together made excelling very easy for me, and I know as I leave St. Mary’s and move on to UMass Amherst I will bring the strong Catholic morals and academic preparedness that STM has instilled in me. 

I’ve had a lot of opportunities over the years as a saint. Academically I have joined classes of hard-working kids to band together as a group of scholars always willing to work together or come in for extra help. Athletically I was always encouraged to go and try new things. That is how I came to be captain of both the cross country and tennis teams. My teammates were always so helpful and made sports a joy even if we did lose every so often. Outside of these I grew as a person a number of ways aiding and eventually leading our outstanding drama club. I joined many different clubs and held office in many of them. I learned to lead and work as an efficient team through my various class offices. That is what being a Saint is all about. Learning. Growing. Being the best person you can be.