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Parent Thoughts

Parents choose St. Mary’s for many different reasons.  From the close, family-like atmosphere to tremendous activities, students at St. Mary’s thrive. Our academic rigor prepares students intellectually. Our faculty help them mature in character and purpose. When students graduate from St. Mary’s, they are profoundly prepared for an ambitious and meaningful future.

The best choice for our family...

St. Mary’s Parish Schools were absolutely the best choice for our family. I have two children who graduated from St. Mary’s High School in the past 5 years. My daughter went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from college and is now happily and successfully working in the career she hoped for. My son is currently an engineering student who is excelling in college on the Dean’s list with straight A’s. I credit their time at St. Mary’s and the guidance that was provided for their current successes. They were able to participate in many extra-curricular activities, including sports, while maintaining rigorous academic expectations with the support of the teachers and staff. The family environment was always supportive, welcoming and encouraging. As a parent, I felt just as much a part of the school community as the kids did, and any questions or concerns that presented were handled promptly and personally. I would advise any family looking for a smaller, family-based school that also can provide profound academic achievement to consider St. Mary’s Parish Schools. 

– Melissa Kielbasa