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All Saint Mary’s High School students will be issued a school Chromebook. Students must have on file a signed copy of the Laptop and & Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Laptop Home Use Rules & Regulations.

We currently utilize a leasing program. For just $10 a month, students pay toward the cost of the Chromebook. Throughout the leasing period, the Chromebook is completely covered by a warranty. At the end of the leasing term, the student owns the Chromebook.

Teachers utilize many technological tools in their classrooms. We use the Google Suite for regular classroom communication and assignments. Teachers use other apps and online resources to supplement their curriculum.

Technology is constantly improving – it’s important for our students and our facilities to stay up to date.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Students are not allowed to use their cell phones, air pods, or ear buds in class. This includes calling, texting, and using social media. However, students can use their phones in a class as an educational tool, as directed by their teachers. They may also use them during lunch and in between classes. Any cell phone use beyond what is directed and overseen by a classroom teacher will be considered an infraction and the cell phone technology infraction policy will be enforced.

At Saint Mary’s, technology is just one tool that we use to enhance the educational offerings we provide. It is essential in our culture to be able to use technology effectively. But we also know the limits of technology and want to impart to our students appreciation of knowledge, wisdom, beauty, and truth.