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1899 Society

Join our 1899 Society: Become a Sustaining Donor

Why give monthly?

Tuition at St Mary’s High School does not cover all costs to educate each of our students.  

In order to make St Mary’s affordable for all students we discount tuition by 40 percent for all students.  Our 1899 Society helps to provide funding to students in need.  Our motto is #SAINTSupportSAINTS and these funds are used each year to help support those SAINTS each year.

St Mary’s High School 1899 Society

Anyone who donates at least $18.99 a month or one donation each year ($227.88) by June 30, 2021 will become a founding member of the 1899 Society on campus to support our school.  

You will receive a special gift from Advancement and will immediately be notified of future activities and updates. 

Join our 1899 Society Today!

We look forward to welcoming you into the 1899 Society and the ongoing support of St Mary’s High School!