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Welcome Home, Saints!

Whether you graduated from St. Mary’s last year or 75 years ago, know that Once a Saint, Always a Saint.  Throughout our 123-year history, graduates of St. Mary’s High School have gone on to make a difference in the World around us – locally, regionally, nationally and globally.  St. Mary’s graduates have gone on to become leaders in virtually every profession: business, education, government, public safety, the Church, law, various health professions, social services and more – and the significant achievements of our graduates need to be shared and celebrated. We hope this section of stmsaints.org will be that place where you check in often to learn, celebrate and stay connected with St. Mary’s.

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Mr. Peter Miller (Class of ’69)

iObserve photos/courtesy Fred LeBlanc

Here, we will highlight specific graduates through the Alumni Spotlight and post our biannual Alumni Newsletter. We hope you choose to support your alma mater financially. Throughout the year there will be many ways that you will be able to give, including our 1899 Society.  Your generous support allows us to continue to offer the high quality, faith-based education that has characterized St. Mary’s since our founding in 1899.

The community in which we live, work, play and pray is better because St. Mary’s High School and graduates of St. Mary’s are a part of it. The quality of life in our communities is made better when those around us have a firm faith foundation, are civically engaged, are culturally aware and are fundamentally good – characteristics common to a St. Mary’s graduate. 

Be proud and proclaim loudly Once a Saint, Always a Saint.      

Alumni Spotlight

Mike Walsh

Alumni Spotlight – Catching up with Mike Walsh, Class of 1966
Mike Walsh has worked in the manufacturing and electronics industry, but his passion is writing. Now living in Vermont, he remains a loyal Saint!

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