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Welcome to Admissions

One of the most important decisions you will make as a parent is determining which high school best suits your son or daughter. Since 1899, St. Mary’s High School has taken seriously the responsibility of educating and forming leaders in a Catholic, comprehensive, college preparatory environment.

At the heart of St. Mary’s High School is our passion for excellence in all things. We believe that each student who attends our school will benefit from the quality of instruction they receive. Academically, a classical curriculum infused with 21st-century skills will provide every SAINT with the solid foundation necessary to excel at the next level of study.

Socially, St. Mary’s is a community built upon a foundation of kindness, acceptance, and integrity. It is a community in which each member looks out for the other, and the bonds of friendship that are formed here, last a lifetime.

Spiritually, students will broaden and deepen their understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the beliefs of the Roman Catholic tradition. Additionally, through their study of religion, all students gain the tools to examine morality and justice in their lives and in the world. St. Mary’s SAINTS are young people who understand that faith is a lifelong journey of prayer, learning, and service, which broadens their perspective and leads toward ever deeper communion with God and others.

We are proud of the distinction that our students have received in all areas of academics, arts, athletics, and extra-curricular activities. Each year we recognize the success of our seniors as they receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and continue their academic journeys across the nation at prestigious colleges and universities.

Recently, we have embarked on several initiatives that have added to the success of St. Mary’s overall program. We have been blessed with the financial ability to improve upon technology, and were able to introduce a one to one laptop program. Our curriculum is based on the Great Books and we use a university schedule, allowing us to increase electives in our course of studies and at the same time, better preparing students for college.  Lastly, our students are offered the choice hundreds of online courses, which allow them to take advantage of specialized courses outside of our traditional college prep, honors and AP course offerings.  

Our shared mission makes our school a special place. Students, teachers, staff, and parents are motivated to strive to be their very best. We are focused on developing all aspects of our students, including their spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being. If you are interested in ‘experiencing the STM difference’, we hope you will take the time to visit our campus, schedule a shadow day, and learn more about becoming a member of our family.

We encourage you to contact STM High School and schedule an appointment if you are interested in learning more. We would love the opportunity to provide you with a tour of our school, answer any questions you may have, and introduce you to faculty, staff, and students, so that you may learn firsthand the incredible relationships and dedication shared by our administration, educators and students… our family of SAINTS