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Dual Enrollment

St. Mary’s High School is partnering with Our Lady of the Elms College to offer Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to earn up to 12 college credits. Designed for highly motivated students, this program gives you the opportunity to complete four prerequisite classes early — while you’re still in high school — so you can begin your college experience ahead of the pack.

Dual Enrollment students can:

• Take one 3-credit course in the fall and spring of their junior and senior years of high school (a maximum of four classes).

• Transfer their credits to Elms (as long as you pass a class with a “C-” or better).

• Transfer their credits to another academic institution (as long as you pass a class with a “C-” or better).

Dual Enrollment Consent

Students wishing to enroll in Dual Enrollment courses need parental consent.

More information about Dual Enrollment through Our Lady of the Elms College will be made available to students in the spring. If you have any questions, please speak with Mr. Hollwedel.