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Our Financial Aid Philosophy

We believe that any student who wants to be at St. Mary’s should be provided that opportunity. As a private Catholic school, we recognize that the cost of attendance may be a challenge. We take this challenge seriously and work hard for our families.

“I have never, and will never, turn anyone away due to their inability to pay for a Catholic education.”

– Mr. Matthew Collins, Principal

Our goal is to always find a way to make a Catholic education possible.  

We Believe

The benefit of a Catholic education is so great that it should be offered to all who desire it.

Financial Assistance Options

Sibling Discounts

Families who want to send multiple children to St. Mary's will receive a discount of $150 for the second student and $500 for each additional student.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to qualifying families. The application can be printed and mailed to the school. Click to download the Application.

Parish Scholarships

Several local parishes and some local faith communities offer direct vouchers to members of their congregation. Check with your pastor for details.

Direct Diocesan Financial Aid

The Diocese of Springfield provides some financial aid each year to Catholic students. Applications are accepted through April 1 and can be obtained after Jan 1 at FACTS Tuition Aid.

St. Mary's School Aid

Applicants must complete the St. Mary’s Parish School Application for Financial Aid and Scholarship, submit their most recent IRS FORM 1040 or 1040A, and, if applicable, apply for FACTS Tuition Assistance through the Diocese of Springfield.

Scrip Program

The Scrip Program is a great way to help offset tuition costs. Consult with the school office for more details and save hundreds and even thousands on tuition! More information can be found at www.ShopWithScrip.com.

How to Start

Each of the options above requires some action on the family’s behalf.  Download applications, speak with your pastor, and check with all available funding sources.   

Once you’ve got everything together, we can work with you to prepare all the applications and submit to St. Mary’s High School.

Questions About Financial Aid?

Contact us and we'll help you find answers you need