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College Planning

At St. Mary’s, the Guidance Department works to build relationships with students beginning in their freshman year.

By understanding each student as an individual, with unique challenges and aspirations, our staff members become a partner and advocate on the student’s journey to success.

The Guidance Department staff at St. Mary’s helps students understand their academic strengths and weaknesses and define their college and career goals. With this information, our staff works together with each student to ensure they are enrolled in the appropriate high school classes to facilitate his or her ideal college and career journey.

By senior year, students narrow their choices and apply to the schools that best suit their interests. Throughout the college application process, our counselors serve as strong advocates for the applying seniors, consulting personally with the admissions representatives of the colleges to which they have applied.

Our counselors believe that each and every St. Mary’s student can learn and be successful.

As a partner on each student’s individual journey, the counselors are truly invested in the process. Working collaboratively with parents, teachers and school administrators, our counselors play an integral role in encouraging the student along the path to success.

St. Mary's College Planning Guide

Our planning guide helps students navigate the many steps of the selection process.

Section 1
Senior Year Timeline

Section 2
Choosing the Right College

Section 3
Application Process

Section 4
Financial Aid

Section 5
Surviving College

Section 6
Glossary of Terms

Download the College Planning Guide