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St. Mary’s Parish students prepare gift bags for people in need

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A socially distant health fair at St. Mary’s Parish Center in Westfield gave students the opportunity to help combat COVID-19.

The students are members of the St. Mary’s Parish School National Junior Society. They’re doing themselves and their school proud packing gift bags of disposable masks, hand sanitizer and magnifying glasses to be delivered to people in need throughout the Westfield area.

“I think it’s a little bit about to help others and basically help us do our best.” Makayla

“It’s really about people who can’t do things for themselves.” Seamus

As the students finished packing these protective items for immediate delivery, St. Mary’s Pastoral Minister observed her students enthusiastic response.

“Because of COVID, we were very creative. Here at St. Mary’s and we’ve created an opportunity for the local health care agencies.”  Kathleen Angco-Vieweg, Pastoral Minister.

A job well done providing these St. Mary’s students with an opportunity for community service. If they were being graded, they certainly would have gone to the head of the class for caring about people in need.