Educational Philosophy

St. Mary’s Parish School is a Catholic school whose fundamental purpose is the cultivation of each student’s spiritual, intellectual, and physical life. We believe that this purpose is best achieved by an administration and faculty dedication to Catholic principles of education.

Because of our strong reliance upon family values, we are committed to the Church’s apostolate to the family and recognize parents as the primary educators of young people in matters of faith and moral development.

It is only with this strong family witness that our faculty can more fully develop the potential within each student. Ever mindful of the wide ranging academic and social interests of our students, St. Mary’s points to the Gospel message as the source of guidance for each individual. It should be understood that attendance at St. Mary’s Parish School requires students to give daily witness to the Gospel message by a Christian manner of conduct, intelligent choices, and sound moral values.

Program of Classes

Students at St. Mary’s receive an education that strengthens all aspects of life – intellectual, physical, and spiritual.

With our broad range of courses, our students are empowered to thrive in their strongest subjects and guided with care through areas where they struggle.

This multi-faceted approach ensures your student achieves the most of their potential.

Library + Technology

While our library has changed in the years since St. Mary’s opened, its role is as central as it has always been. Students and faculty alike spend time here researching, conducting group meetings, working on special projects, and reading for pleasure.

In addition to independent study, we focus on cross-curriculum integration. When their science teacher is doing lessons on the solar system, students utilize the library to further research the planets – both in our expansive list of hard copy books and online.

Technology is constantly improving – it’s important for our students and our facilities to stay up to date.

Our technological capabilities continue to grow with the times. We arm our students to embrace both our library and its technology for 24/7 learning. Our young learners are taught how to use Word and PowerPoint to format reports and papers. Meanwhile, starting in 6th grade, our students are each lent a Google Chromebook to use throughout the school year. This provides them with access to all of the tools they need to succeed while providing a common language through which students can collaborate and help one another.

College Prep

At St. Mary’s, guidance counselors work to build relationships with students beginning in their freshman year.

By understanding each student as an individual, with unique challenges and aspirations, our counselors become a partner and advocate on the student’s journey to success.

The counselors at St. Mary’s help students understand their academic strengths and weaknesses and define their college and career goals. With this information, counselors and students work together to ensure each student is enrolled in the appropriate high school classes to facilitate his or her ideal college and career journey.

By senior year, students narrow their choices and apply to the schools that best suit their interests. Throughout the college application process, our counselors serve as strong advocates for the applying seniors, consulting personally with the admissions representatives of the colleges to which they have applied.

Our counselors believe that each and every St. Mary’s student can learn and be successful.

As a partner on each student’s individual journey, the counselors are truly invested in the process. Working collaboratively with parents, teachers and school administrators, our counselors play an integral role in encouraging the student along the path to success.

College Board

So we may continue providing the best opportunities for student success, we have access to CollegeBoard. This tool can help your student prepare for their SAT and AP exams, decide which college they want to attend, and learn how to apply to schools. Click here to visit.

Summer Learning

Our academic excellence goes beyond the school year.

Learning doesn’t stop during the summer! Our curriculum includes summer reading and math assignments – among other subjects – to ensure our students stay sharp while they enjoy the warmer weather. When students keep up with their summer learning tasks, it helps them sustain their academic momentum and progress. Check back for 2018 summer reading lists and more!