Parish School:  413-568-2388


Each year, hundreds of St. Mary’s students, parents, alumni, parishioners, and friends support the school by volunteering their time and talents.

Our mission statement expresses that our “students are challenged to reach their highest potential and are inspired to embrace a life of service for God and neighbor.”

Whether in a “formal” volunteer role or not, every student, parent, and graduate is an ambassador for St. Mary’s Parish School, representing the school and sharing news from campus in and around our community.  Below are some of the ways you can make a difference in St. Mary’s Parish School. If you’re interested in supporting the school as a volunteer, please contact us.


There is always a way you can help us during our events!  Whether it’s working at an event, selling tickets, attending, or simply promoting it amongst your friends, it all helps our school.

Please reach out to us if there is an event you are interested in or if you have an idea on how you might be able to help.

Classroom Support

Contact your child’s teacher to learn if there is a way you can be of assistance to them in the classroom with activities, supplies, as a room parent, etc.  

Classroom assistance can include a wide range of roles but, primarily, it just requires a love service for students and faculty. 

Parent Teacher Organization

Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an important group for St Mary’s.  They help promote the general wellbeing of the school and communicate effectively with Parents.  

More details about the PTO and how you can help are found here.