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Uniform Policy

The administration reserves the right to amend the dress code at any time. Good personal hygiene and neat appearance are an essential part of our school.  


St Mary’s School Code at Tommy Hilfiger’s Global Schoolwear
site is STMA05.  

Blakes School Uniforms has been a long-time provider of our uniforms for students.  

Regular Uniform

(Note — All photos are representations only.  See supplier websites for actual products images.) 


• Shirts for Boys and Girls MUST have the School Logo
• May be purchased through Tommy Hilfiger or Blake’s School Uniforms
Colors: light blue, navy blue, white, and hunter green
Styles: Golf, Rugby, Oxford


• Co-ed ½ zip fleece jacket, co-ed full zip polar fleece
• Long sleeve V-neck sweater, long sleeve full sweater vest, V-neck sweater vest(all with STM logo)
• No oversized sweatshirts or hoodies are permitted unless it is a spirit wear or dress down day.

PANTS (girls and boys)

• Uniform-style pants in navy blue or khaki; no pants or khakis that look like jeans, no leggings or tight fitting yoga pants.
• If belts are worn, they must be brown, black, navy, or tan. Belts are not required as long as pants are able to stay up.

SHORTS (girls and boys)

• Golf or Bermuda shorts in navy blue or khaki. These must be no more than two inches above the knee.
• Cotton twill or polyester cotton is acceptable – no nylon, denim, or multiple snaps. Cargo shorts with multiple pockets are not acceptable.
• If belts are worn, they must be brown, black, navy, or tan. Belts are not required as long as shorts are able to stay up.
• Shorts may be worn from the first day of school through October 31 and from the Monday after April vacation until the last day of school.


• Plaid jumpers or golf shirt style dresses. Our required plaid is available from both uniform
• Plaid skirts or kilts available from our two vendors.
• Skirts and skorts navy blue or khaki – no denim
• Navy blue or khaki jumpers
• Tights must be worn with skorts or skirts between November 1 and the Friday before April vacation. (white or navy blue)


• No open-toed shoes or sandals are allowed.
• No open-backed shoes are allowed.

Physical Education Uniform

Students may wear their gym clothes to school on the day of their gym class. From the first day of school until October 31 and from the Monday following April Vacation until the end of the school year, they may wear shorts of appropriate length to school for gym class. From November 1 until the last day of school before April Vacation, they must wear long pants and a long sleeved sweatshirt. A T-shirt may be worn under the sweatshirt. No jeans are allowed. Students are to come prepared for indoor and outdoor activities.

Acceptable gym attire:

• Shorts of appropriate length, at least to mid-thigh, loose fitting and not baggy, no denim shorts or jeans allowed.
• Loose yoga pants, allowed only with a shirt that reaches to at least mid-thigh. NO LEGGINGS above grade 2.
• T-shirt with no offensive pictures or words
• Sweatpants or nylon running pants
• Sweatshirts or gym shorts. Shorts must be no shorter than 1⁄2 way between the thigh and knee.
• Sweatshirts with no offensive language or pictures
• Sneakers, tied or Velcro, no step-ins.
• Socks must be worn.

Dress Down Days

If a dress down day is granted, students are encouraged to dress comfortably and appropriately, conforming to the following limitations:

• No pants with rips, holes, fringe, or frayed edges.
• Loose yoga pants are allowed only with a shirt that reaches to at least mid-thigh. NO LEGGINGS above grade 2.
• No hats, bandanas, visors, coats, gloves, mittens, or ear muffs.
• No tight shirts, midriff shirts, spaghetti straps, or tank tops (loose fitting, sleeveless shirts with a 2-3” shoulder are allowed).
• No shorts that are skin tight or shorter than mid-thigh.
• No clothing with slogans, advertising or innuendos for alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or other inappropriate language.