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Spiritual Life

Fostering the spiritual growth of each student is an essential part of our mission as an institute of Catholic education. We welcome students of all faiths into our community as our brothers and sisters.

We attend Mass with the parish community each month and a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament is located in the high school. The Eucharist is truly the source of our unity and the highest possible worship of God. The priests and deacons of the parish are engaged in the spiritual life of the school, assisting the staff in making God present to our students.

We begin each day with a prayer to foster an awareness of the presence of God in the lives of our students. We sponsor a retreat for grade 8 to allow for an extended spiritual experience. We plan seasonal activities, such as the May Crowning, Stations of the Cross, and Living Nativity to expose students to the significance of traditional devotions. We engage in outreach efforts both within our community and outside of it. We sponsor drives and fundraisers, encouraging students to be fully engaged in works of charity and mercy. As students grow and become more independent, they are encouraged to participate in community service of their choosing outside of school.

The school assists in preparing students for the sacraments of reconciliation and first Eucharist in conjunction with the parish’s Office of Religious Education. We also assist students who wish to become Catholic through the parish’s RCIA program.

The spiritual program of the school spans all grades and extends to every classroom and activity. Jesus Christ is the reason for our existence as an educational institution and we take seriously our mission to assist our students and their families to grow spiritually.