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About St Mary’s School

Welcome to St Mary’s Parish School – the Home of the Saints! 

Through the profound love of God and desire to do better, we founded our school on the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph – who have stayed with us since opening our doors in 1898. Our technology and lessons have changed with the times, but our focus on both God and neighbor have kept us excelling as an academic institute.

We have developed a reputation for holding strong academic standards, hiring dedicated faculty and staff, and a commitment to challenging all our students so they may grow into the strong, bright, devoted young adults they’re meant to be. To give all students the opportunity to achieve their potential, we provide our superior scholastic experience while maintaining an affordable tuition.

Throughout our campus, you can find our preschool, pre-k, elementary and middle school.  St. Mary’s Parish School and St. Mary’s High school are found on the same campus. This ensures that we can provide the best for our students from their earliest academic steps to graduation.

We make every effort to accommodate the needs of our students, while providing them with individualized help and support.