Welcome to Saint Mary’s Parish School – the home of the Saints! Through the profound love of God and desire to do better by our fellow man, we founded our school on the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph – who have stayed with us since opening our doors in 1898. Our technology and lessons have changed with the times, but our focus on both God and our neighbor have kept us excelling as an academic institute.

St. Mary’s has proven itself to be the best value for families in the Western Massachusetts/Northern Connecticut area.

We have developed a reputation for holding strong academic standards, hiring dedicated faculty and staff, and a commitment to challenging all our students so they may grow into the strong, bright, devoted young adults they are meant to be. To give all students the opportunity to achieve their potential, we provide our superior scholastic experience while maintaining an affordable tuition.

We take pride in having a large community while maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio. Throughout our campus, you can find our preschool, pre-k, elementary school, middle school, and high school buildings. This ensures that we can provide the best for our students from their earliest academic steps to their eventual graduation. In the end, we are big enough to accommodate all our students’ needs, but we are also small enough to provide them with individualized help and care.

Simply stated, there is something for everyone at St. Mary’s, but more importantly, everyone is encouraged to let their individual talents bloom.

Please explore our website or schedule a visit to our campus to learn more about St. Mary’s Parish School – where our students Light the Way to the Future.

Mission Statement

St. Mary’s Parish School is a Roman Catholic educational community serving students from preschool through grade 12. We strive to develop spiritual growth, academic success, character, and integrity in all students. Guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and supported by families, we provide a quality Catholic education where students are challenged to reach their highest potential and are inspired to embrace a life of service for God and neighbor.



Located in the Pioneer Valley, 90 miles west of Boston, 10 miles from Springfield. Easy access to the Massachusetts Turnpike, exit 3 and Rte. 91, exit 16. Westfield is home to Westfield State University and surrounded by colleges in Springfield, Amherst and Holyoke.

Westfield is situated at the western edge of the downfaulted Connecticut River Valley where the Westfield River emerges from the Berkshire Hills and flows through the center of the city on its way to the Connecticut River some ten miles (15 km) downstream.

Westfield is bordered on the east by linear cliffs of volcanic trap rock known as East Mountain and Provin Mountain. They are part of the Metacomet Ridge, a mountainous trap rock ridgeline that stretches from Long Island Sound to nearly the Vermont border. Both mountains are traversed by the 114-mile Metacomet-Monadnock Trail, that also crosses the Westfield River with an ill-advised fording or a safer road-walk across the bridge at the junction of Routes 187 and 20.

Nestled in between the East and Provin Mountains, Westfield is home to lush, natural scenery, a thriving community, and St. Mary’s Parish School.

Westfield is on the fringe of the greater Northeast megalopolis—the most densely populated region of the United States—and has experienced substantial land development for suburban, residential, and commercial uses for the past six decades. Yet, it borders hilltowns to the west that were depopulated of subsistence farmers in the 19th century as land became readily available on the Western frontier. With population dipping below ten per square kilometer in some upland townships, forests are reverting almost to pre-settlement conditions with wild turkey, bears, coyotes and even moose returning after absences perhaps measured in centuries. This transition over a few kilometers from the 21st century urbanization to populations densities nearly as low as early colonial times is notable, if not unique.


St. Mary’s Parish School is a Roman Catholic, co-educational school serving students in Westfield and the surrounding communities and parishes for over 116 years. Students are accepted from preschool through grade 12.

Located on our campus you will find St. Mary’s Parish Church, St. Mary’s Rectory, St. Mary’s Parish Center, the preschool building, the prekindergarten building, St. Mary’s Parish Elementary School (which also houses the middle school on the third floor) and St. Mary’s Parish High School.


St. Mary’s Parish Preschool:

The preschool takes a thematic approach to learning. Themes will give the perfect balance of education and fun. Weekly Reader Pre-K will be used to support the teaching goals. Each issue is built on a firm foundation of skills to build student knowledge and reinforce curriculum. To balance out the daily schedule, teacher-directed activity is alternated with child-directed activity. Children have ample time to explore, discover, and learn through play.


St. Mary’s Pre K:

This program uses the Scholastic Big Day for Pre K Early Learning Program. This program is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Big Day is an effective early learning program that embraces children’s natural curiosity and encourages them to explore and connect to the world around them. Each day is organized around three Big Experiences – Whole Group, Circle Time Lessons, and a Big Experience.


St. Mary’s Elementary and Middle School:

At the elementary and middle levels, challenging academic standards and deep-seated Gospel values are implemented throughout the daily curriculum. Curriculum guidelines are set forth by the Diocese of Springfield and meet or surpass all state-mandated curriculum frameworks. Our goal is assisting each student in living the Gospel, being critical thinkers, becoming self-motivators, and developing into good citizens.


St. Mary’s High School:

Over the period of four years, our students are offered the opportunity to pursue a curriculum of courses as suggested by selective colleges and universities. Additionally, St. Mary’s offers electives in Art, Music, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and English. St. Mary’s curriculum affords gifted and ambitious students the opportunity to undertake honors and advanced placement level courses in Math, Science, World Language, and English.  Through our accredited VHS Program, we also offer an additional 200 college prep, honors, and advanced placement courses.

98% of our graduates go on to higher education, while many of the remaining 2% opt to serve our country as members of the armed forces. On average, 88% will attend a four-year university.

Visit Us

We’re so proud of our school and can’t wait to show it to you! To schedule a campus tour of our elementary and middle school, please call (413) 568-2388 during regular school hours. To schedule a campus tour of our high school, please call (413) 568-5692 during regular school hours.

For your convenience, maps, directions, and a sneak peek of our campus can be found below through Google Maps.

St Mary's Elementary School
St. Mary's High School

Volunteer + Employment Opportunities

Each year, hundreds of St. Mary’s students, parents, alumni, parishioners, and friends support the school by volunteering their time and talents.

Our mission statement expresses that our “students are challenged to reach their highest potential and are inspired to embrace a life of service for God and neighbor.”

Whether in a “formal” volunteer role or not, every student, parent, and graduate is an ambassador for St. Mary’s Parish School, representing the school and sharing news from campus in and around our community.

Below are some of the ways you can make a difference in St. Mary’s Parish School. If you’re interested in supporting the school as a volunteer, please contact us.



Become involved in the life of the school and support the collaboration between our school and families! The PTO provides a critical link between home and school. Our members help enrich St. Mary’s inside and outside of the classroom.

Together, we help raise funds for teacher stipends and appreciation events, as well as defray the cost of classroom supplies and field trips. Additionally, we sponsor special occasions like the Halloween Dance, 8th Grade End-of-the-Year Celebration, and Father Daughter Dance.

The PTO is vital to the planning and support of school events and student learning throughout the year, especially during Catholic Schools Week, proving to be an important part of our St. Mary’s community.



There is always a way you can help us during our events!

Whether it’s working at an event, selling tickets, attending, or simply promoting it amongst your friends, it all helps our school.

Please reach out to us if there is an event you are interested in or if you have an idea on how you might be able to help.



Contact your child’s teacher to learn if there is a way you can be of assistance to them in the classroom with activities, supplies, as a room parent, etc.

School Store

With students as successful as ours, it’s easy to be proud of the Saints – and now that our school store is open, it’s just as easy to show off your school spirit! Whether it’s for a beaming parent or your favorite Saint, we have comfortable clothing and great accessories the whole family can enjoy. Come to our on-campus store or click here for school uniforms.